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Lisbon´s Historic Shops Tour

Not your first time in Lisbon?

Perfect, you still have a lot to discover.

We created different special walking tours, each one under a specific theme.

Walk with us and discover Lisbon through movies, old shops, secret places, its food and its multicultural heritage.

Take a ride with the tram or the funicular, observe the famous patterns of the sidewalks and be dazzled by the views from the top of the hills.

Live the life of the city from its past to its present.

"Charming" - is the word used so many often to describe Lisbon.

Much of this charm comes from the amazing Historic Shops that survived the time going by.

During this tour you will see some unique shops, most of them from the 19th century. These places managed to stay in business throughout the monarchy period, the declaration of the republic, revolutions and economical crisis!

In a time of globalization, take a step back, relax and do some curious window-shopping!

Please note that we have no agreement with these shops, they are part of our tour only because of their history, beauty and unique character. The shops make part of the "Shops with History" program created by the Town Hall.

The explanations take place outside.

Duration: app 3 hours​​

Note: Confortable Shoes​​​

Walking difficulty: low

Not included: public transports

For prices and meeting point information, please contact us.​

Tour available in français, english, deutsch, italiano and castellano.

See you soon!

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