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Book a Tour - This is Lisbon Walking Tours

This is Lisbon Walking Tours is a team of highly experienced Certified National Tourist Guides. Trust us, the Academic Degree in Tourism Information makes the difference in your journey!

Lisbon's bright light is unique, absolutely gorgeous. The "Seven Hills" facing the river, its multicultural scene , the kindness of the local people and their warm welcome is what you can expect from our charming city.

Visit us and discover a city where the charm of the old times can perfectly merge with a vibrant, young and modern atmosphere. 

Our love for Lisbon combined with our professional knowledge will give you the full Lisbon's experience:  you will walk through the hidden places, you will hear the stories behind the History, you will learn about the habits, the traditions and the gastronomy, but you will also feel the new modern Lisbon with its trendy vibrant spots, the bars and the delicious restaurants,  the unique monuments and modern museums, the soul of Fado and the eyes of the Urban Street Art. The full package! Walk wiht us.

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